What are you doing (Chinese) New Year’s Eve?


After the heady rush of the winter holidays, the months of January and February can seem like bland letdowns. For those still craving merriment and festivities: do not despair! The Chinese Lunar New Year is here!

For the sinophiles who wish to ring in the Year of the Horse in style, here are the places to celebrate in Paris.

January 27th: Nuit de Chine at the Grand Palais

The magnificent Grand Palais is hosting the Nuit de Chine featuring French and Chinese artists, dancers, musicians, and DJs. Come and see the spectacular nave transformed to a light show. The opening ceremonies go from 6pm-9pm and afterwards, entrance is free for revelers. The party goes till 2AM, not bad for a Monday night!

February 2nd: Parade at the Hôtel de Ville

This traditional Chinese New Year parade, featuring dragon and lion dances, will begin at 2:30 pm at the Hotel de Ville and will continue to through the Marais hitting the Rue de Temple, Rue de Turbigo, Rue de Bretagne and the Rue de Beaubourg. There will be traditional dances and floats, as well as a few firecreackers! For more information, go here.

February 9th: Parade in Paris’ Chinatown

The Chinese New Year festivities in Paris’ historic Chinatown (the 13th arrondissement) are by far the largest. An estimated 200,000 people will turn up for this year’s parade beginning at 1PM on the Avenue d’Ivry on February 9th. To see the impressive parade route, click here.

May the year of the horse bring you happiness and prosperity!


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