Restaurant Spotlight: Krishna-Bhavan


The neighborhood around the La Chapelle metro line is known as Paris’s little India– where brightly colored sari shops, Bollywood video stores, and cheap eyebrow threading salons dot the otherwise grey, urban landscape. For non-residents though, the main draw are the restaurants.  

Unlike say, London, good Indian food in Paris can be tricky to find; likewise vegetarian restaurants are an endangered species in the French dining scene.  Enter Krishna Bhavan, an excellent Indian-vegetarian restaurant that quickly creates converts.  Small, unpretentious, and shockingly inexpensive, Krishna Bhavan has some of the best dal curry at an amazing low €5.50– also delicious is the chappatti flatbread, the poori, and the ginger tea (sorry tipplers, the restaurant appears to be dry).  Neither Sam nor Brenna are reliable sources on the authenticity of the restaurant (as neither one has been to India)– however friends who are often on the subcontinent are adamant that Krishna Bhavan is the real mccoy. So take it for what that is. And just go: the food’s really delicious and the prices cannot be beat.

Krishna Bhavan

24, rue de Cail

75010 metro: La Chappelle 

01 42 05 78 43


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I came to Paris in the fall of 2006 as a study abroad student. Since then, I have had many adventures in babysitting, grad schooling, interning, girlfriending, breaking up, haling taxis and working a 9-to-5. For every day that Paris drives me nuts-- because seriously, this city WILL get on your nerves sometimes-- there are days when I feel overjoyed and privileged to be living in such a beautiful town.

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