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Having never lived in a big city before, Brenna’s biggest concern when she arrived in Paris was, if you have a package delivered to your apartment while you’re not there, what will come of it? One of two things: they will leave it with the super (gardien) of your building (if it doesn’t require your signature) and he/she is present, or if you don’t have one, the postman/woman will leave a receipt for you to collect it at your local post office branch. How will you know where this is? It’s on the slip they’ll leave in your mailbox.

La Poste

Services – You won’t always get the cheeriest service at La Poste (the French-run postal service), but you will get consistent, organized and for the most part, helpful. La Poste offers an array of products to suit your shipping needs:

  • Online Services: Buy stamps, track your package, print a label for a Colissimo or schedule a Chronopost
  • Colissimo: Package tracking – buy the right size box, label it and ship it – all in one trip to the Post Office.
  • Chronopost: Need something to get somewhere fast? Chronopost is the express service from La Poste. Beware, though, unlike its competitors like DHL and FedEx, Chronopost has very few offices abroad to follow international shipments.
  • Insurance: you can buy it or you can risk it: La Poste offers it for any piece of mail.

Hours – hooray! La Poste recently decided to keep its doors open later for those of us who can’t get out of the office during the day to drop a package. Search here for the one nearest you and their hours of operation.

Private International Shipping

DHL: DHL is present in France for individuals and corporations. There are quite a few DHL offices throughout Paris, making it a viable alternative to the French post for international shipping.

Fedex: Fedex is available to individuals and corporations. Please note, there is only one FedEx branch in Paris, located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th.

UPS: UPS is another viable option for international shipping. There are about 10 drop off centers in Paris, many of them located at Office Depots.

Courrier (Messenger): There are dozens of courier services in Paris. Usually most messengers have three different means of delivery (bicycle, motorcycle, or car) and three different delivery times (in 2 to 3 hours, between 1 hour and 1 hour and half, and under an hour). Here are a few different services.

  • Ranging from bicycle messengers to minivans.
  • Coursiers Parisiens: For deliveries in Paris and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Street Courses: 24/7 service with possibility to follow the delivery of your package in real time on the site.

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