As a musician herself, Brenna was eager to learn about the scene as soon as she came to Paris.  Her first “job” while she did her masters was blogging for a website that live-streams concerts from around Paris.  She wrote about the hottest venues, the underground jam sessions, and local and foreign musicians that lived in Paris.  Having worked for that website, she knows you can’t possibly write enough on the subject to cover it all.  That and the web isn’t short of places to find out about concerts.  But visit these sites, and you’ll have your bases covered, as either a musician, an appreciator, or both.

To Find a Show

The “what’s really going on” concert guide to Paris:
The “time-out” guide to Paris music:
The “for all things musical, business, concerts, lessons” website:
The “damn I missed it, wish I could have seen it, oh wait I can get on this site, and hey they come back again in september!” online concert website:
The “Official Website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau” music section:
The “city of Paris” website for music:

To Buy the Tickets

If you can’t buy the tickets on the venue’s website, there are a number of sites to purchase concert tickets.  The venue will likely point you in the direction of one, otherwise you can try to find them on:


FNAC Events website:

The Major Music Events

For a complete list, check out the Mairie’s list of annual music festivals in Paris on its website.  It includes the majors like:
May: Jazz à Saint-Germain in May
June: La fête de la musique on the 21st of June.
June: Free outdoor concerts
June: Solidays (concert against AIDS)
June, July, August: Concerts dans les parcs et jardins parisiens (one month Jazz, another month classical)
July: Sous la plage (outdoor concerts)
July-August: Paris plage concerts (August concerts on the “beach” that is the Quai of the Seine)
August: Festival Rock en Seine (end of August, three days)
September: Jazz à la Villette (when jazz crosses with dance, electro, etc.)
September: Techno Parade (electro music parade starts at the Bastille.  very hard to miss. very loud)
November: Inrocks-ID TGV (rock)

Online Music Community

To Buy/Sell Instruments, meet up with other musicians, find teachers, read about jam sessions, find out about concerts, locate producers or recording centers, visit online music communities like:

Zikinf: pour les musiciens et les fous de musique (for musicians and music fanatics)

Craigslist Paris Music Community: not as developed as other American musician communities, but still worth checking out

Craigslist Paris Musical Instruments: for sale or seeking instruments

Oazik: Fill out your band using this site, find other like minds in your area

Easyzic: Fill out your band using this site, find out about concerts, etc.


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I've lived in France since August 2006 with a stint back in Washington, DC for a year. Ten months of my time in France were spent in Rouen - the Normandy town known for, among other things, Joan of Arc's death and Monet's study of light. With the years that pass, Paris is constantly transformed by the interesting people I meet who open up new doors in this amazing city.

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