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This is for those of you who dream of making your home in Paris, enjoying the 5 weeks vacation a year, excellent health care and taking a full hour for lunch!

Getting transferred to Paris
If your company has an office in Paris, you can always apply for a transfer. This can be easier said than done, though, as there is often a long line of people dying to work in that office and plenty of local labor. That said, it isn’t impossible (see: Brenna’s story)—give it the old college try!

Looking for work in Paris
If you don’t have European citizenship, this can be especially tricky. In order to work in France, you need to have a titre de séjour (something like a resident alien card). Non-European students, seasonal workers, salaried workers and freelancers all have one. Be prepared to have your CV in French. See special tips and links to great resources that tell you how to prepare a French CV under our Job’s Admin page.

Much like a US Green Card, if a French business wants to hire you, they must sponsor your work papers. This can be done (see: Sam’s story) but it takes time and effort (and their money).

Compétences et Talents
This titre de séjour was created just a few years ago and it’s designed particularly for non-European professionals who have special skills. Sam has a friend who has a film production company and was able to obtain this visa by presenting a dossier of the various projects she would work on in France, thus helping the French film industry. This can be a viable way for seasoned professionals to get to work in Paris.


Do you resent the man and went into business for yourself? Then you just might be an auto-entrepreneur. Been working your own “side business” without paying taxes long enough to feel guilty? Then you just might be an auto-entrepreneur. Brenna, in her role as a website developer, counts as one. With a few easy clicks, you too, can be an auto-entrepreneur.

Visit the official website for auto-entrepreneurs: www.lautoentrepreneur.fr Visit the section Declaration de debut d’acitivité. Count yourself as Activités Commerciales, Activités Artisanales, or Acitivités Libérales. The website gives a list of activities to serve as examples. Have an at home psych practice? Run your own interior design practice? Visit the online portal for auto-entrepreneurs to read where you fall.

You will be asked to fill in an online form, requesting your social security number, the type of activity, your address, and an electronic version of an ID, signed and dated. If you are non-EU, this process will get more complicated. We’ve heard stories of the bureau asking for five-year business plans (watch Cata’s story below), whereas for the EU citizens, with a few clicks of the box, you can register all of your earnings online and let that be that.

Applying for a Job in Paris
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