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The great thing about living in a large cosmopolitan city is you never lack for things to do.  After about three months in Normandy’s Rouen, Brenna headed into Paris for the weekends and soon counted 26 train ticket stubs to Paris in the remaining seven months.  Not that Normandy gets boring or anything.

The lifestyle Paris offers is what makes it so alluring.  Museums, galleries, bookshops, parks and outdoor recreation, cultural classes, movies, theater, bars, music, fine dining…if you choose to stay in, it’s not due to a dearth of things to do.

Here’s where your input is really going to be critical.  We have our preferences, but variety is the spice of life!



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I've lived in France since August 2006 with a stint back in Washington, DC for a year. Ten months of my time in France were spent in Rouen - the Normandy town known for, among other things, Joan of Arc's death and Monet's study of light. With the years that pass, Paris is constantly transformed by the interesting people I meet who open up new doors in this amazing city.

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