A long time ago, Brenna used to be a distance runner.  She even ran a few races in France.  The country quite wisely requires that all race participants visit a doctor before the big day to sign off that they are indeed fit enough to undertake such a stress to the body.  The doctor Brenna saw required she have a urine test and gave her an “ordonnance” (prescription) for one.  Brenna was a bit confused.  “How does it work here?” she asked.  “Usually quite well,” said the doctor, “have you ever used the bathroom in France before?”

Where to go to get your medical tests done

Quite normally in the US, when your doctor wants a blood or urine sample from you they are taken and handled on the premises.  This is not normally the case in France, apart from perhaps some hospitals.  You will be given an ordonnance from your doctor to take with you to a local laboratory.  It is there that they will run the tests (blood, urine, etc.).  Laboratories are all over Paris, and there is usually one in each neighborhood, though they are not as numerous as pharmacies.  You may have to make an appointment to be seen, but often they accept walk-ins.

What happens to the results

Your results will be sent to the doctor that ordered them, as well as you (sometimes you have to request a copy be sent to you).  If your doctor needs to discuss something with you, he/she will call.  Otherwise, no news is usually good news!


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I've lived in France since August 2006 with a stint back in Washington, DC for a year. Ten months of my time in France were spent in Rouen - the Normandy town known for, among other things, Joan of Arc's death and Monet's study of light. With the years that pass, Paris is constantly transformed by the interesting people I meet who open up new doors in this amazing city.

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