Le Saint Valentin in Paris


kissingFrench culture encourages romantic gestures throughout the year, and therefore leaves Saint Valentine’s day a little lacking when compared to the over exaggerated excitement one might find in the US. You can see the French expressing their amour daily… on every street corner, in every cafe, on the metro, or even in the grocery store…They show their love whenever it strikes them to do so. Kissing, hand holding, calling each other mon amour or mon coeur, or even rolling around half naked in the tulips of your local park… The French do not shy away from showing their affections daily, as opposed to awaiting the celebration of Saint Valentin.That being said, there are still plenty of things to do to celebrate your love in Paris on Valentine’s day.

Here are our suggestions:

  1. Book a table at one of Paris’ hottest new restaurants. Our go-to for great food is ‘Le Fooding’, these restaurants will be booking up fast so make a reservation!
  2. Start your evening off with drinks at one of the city’s great wine bars and see where the night takes you. Our personal favorites are ‘La Trinquette’ in the 3e, Le Garde-Robe in the 1e or in the 17e, or Inaro in the 10e. They all have great wines, great planches- a great place to start your evening. Check out our other suggestions on classic bars and cafes.
  3. Take a stroll through Paris… Even though it’s cold out, Paris is still the City of Lights and Love, and a sunset stroll past the Seine or through Montmartre, or even through the Tuileries Gardens will be well worth it.
  4. If the weather allows, a Winter-Time picnic… All of those above mention spots are ideal for bringing your lover and presenting them with a heartfelt picnic. Check out our info on Paris Parks. Don’t forget the wine, and more importantly… the tire bouchon.
  5. Plan a weekend out of town! Here are our suggestions on how to get out of town.
  6. Cook at home! We love the blog Bonappetit for great French recipes in English, and what doesn’t say ‘Je t’aime’ like inviting your date into your intimate (ok, small) apartment for a home cooked meal… the effort will be appreciated.
  7. A movie or tickets to the theater– simple, yet sweet.

Happy Saint Valentin’s Day to all our Lovers out there!

Photo credit: Vassil Tzvetanov


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I came to Paris in 2007. Before Paris I was living and studying in Italy where I met a charming Parisian and quickly took to becoming a cliché and followed him to Paris. I have been living here ever since.I enjoy all that Paris has to offer, especially the unlimited access to the most amazing food, wine and culture...did I mention the wine? Despite the trials and tribulations that come from being an expat in Paris, I still can't believe I have the wonderful fortune to wake up everyday in such an amazing city.

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