Like anywhere, you will need insurance. Here are few different types of insurance that are necessary.

Housing Insurance

If you rent…

Although your landlord will almost certainly have insurance on the apartment you’re renting, it will not extend to you as a renter. Generally the insurance paid for by the landlord covers natural disasters or accidents linked to the construction of the apartment or the building. However, renter’s insurance is necessary to ensure that you will be protected against damage or loss of property. With Sam’s most recent apartment, buying renter’s insurance before moving in was a non-negotiable with her current landlady.

This is relatively easy to do. You can usually set up a payment system online through an insurance company website. You can also buy insurance through your bank. The amount you pay per month will depend upon the value of your goods, the floor you live on (please note that a 1st floor walk-up runs a greater risk of burglary than other floors), the size of your apartment and other factors.

As always, if you have valuable objects such as jewelry or furniture, it is a good idea to get them appraised by an expert and to take pictures of the objects in case of damages and loss.

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If you own…

Needless to say, if you’re investing in real estate, in France or abroad, insurance is a must. Whether you plan on renting out the real estate, having it as a primary or secondary residence you need to be insured. Getting an estimate from an insurance company is very similar if you rent or if you own.

Car Insurance

Another necessity. If you own a car, auto insurance can be found at just about any mainstream insurance company. One thing that’s important to note: in December 2012, a law will go into effect prohibiting insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of gender – so ladies, you might be paying up to 25% more than before!

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Health Insurance

Please go to the Health section.

How to file a claim with your insurance company

A loss due to an accident or due to theft — be it your car, your house, or an event resulting in personal injury– can be scary. Having insurance can’t prevent the accident, loss, or injury from happening, but it can make the aftermath less chaotic. It is essential to get your insurance involved as soon as possible. Depending on what happened, this can be a lengthy process, but the first step is declaring the events. Below, you can download a sample letter, with blank spaces for you to describe what happened. (source:

Please note that if you’ve had a break-in or have been in any kind of accident, it is important to show the insurer proof of what happened—remember to take photos. If a crime was committed, police reports are also necessary.


Here are a few mainstream insurance agencies in France:


AGF Allianz


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