In Praise of Parisian Patinoires


For those of you who made fitness-based New Year’s Resolutions but have yet to join that gym (or have yet to go to that gym) this post is for you. One oft-overlooked form of winter exercise and merriment in Paris is Ice Skating. Indeed, the city opens up a whole variety of indoor and outdoor rinks over the holidays and although many of these places close shortly after New Year’s a few remain open through the month of March. Here are a couple of recommendations.

Hôtel de Ville: For the great outdoors

Right around Christmas, the Hôtel de Ville ice skating rink is a madhouse. With good reason though: skating in front of the beautiful town hall while listening to Christmas music is almost too good to pass up. Luckily, after the holidays the crowds die down significantly and its much easier to go on a whim. What’s more entrance is free, and renting skates costs only 5€. For information on opening hours, check it out on Sortir à Paris.

Espace Pailleron: For night owls

The indoor ice skating rink at the Espace Pailleron is open all year round. However, it is during the winter months that the sports center organizes its “On Ice” parties at the rink on the first Friday of every month. For the mere cost of 10€, you can go to the indoor rink and dance to the music of live DJ sets and strobe lights. The event goes from 8:30 PM- 11:30 PM and is open to all ages. This is not true clubbing but it can be a great way to sweat it out before going out!

Bercy: For Sports Fans

The Bercy Sonja Henie Ice Skating Rink is huge: it seats 500 people and it’s open all year long. What’s more, the rink is not only open to the public but is also the official training space of the Français Volants hockey team and figure skating groups. It goes without saying that Bercy is the place to go for die-hard Cutting Edge fans and for all those who love to skate and watch skating! For more information, check out the Bercy website.


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