I feel pretty? Hair options for the party season


Friends, the wedding and party season is upon us. Many of you may find yourselves shopping for a pastel dress, buying train tickets to the provinces, and nursing champagne hangovers.

Sam recently had two such events: the first was the wedding of her dear friend, and How to Live in Paris co-founder Brenna, the second was Sam’s own birthday party. Both occaisons called for elegant coiffures and luckily it has never been easier to find good places in Paris for updos. Thanks to MyLittleParis— a heavily branded broadsheet for watered-down Holly Golightlys– Sam was able to find two addresses to give her the ‘dos of her dreams. For Brenna’s wedding, Sam got an elegant updo at the Bar à Chignon (literally, a Hairbun Bar) in the 5th arrondissement. At the Bar à Chignon, you pay for the time you spend: a 10 minute updo costs 20€, a 20 minute updo is 40€, and a 30 minute updo (known as “The Sophisticated Lady”) costs 60€. Sam got talked in to the “Sophisticated Lady” option and although she feared it might make her look like she was headed to the Country Music awards, she was very pleased with the results (see above).

She deliberately turned her back on the photographer all night long so he might better capture the “Sophisticated Lady” in action.

For Sam’s birthday, she had a smaller budget and, as it was held in a low-key café, she was less in need of anything as “sophisticated”. Taking inspiration from her favorite Eastern European politician, she headed to the Comptoir Des Cheveux Longs (literally “The Long Hair Counter”) at the Didact Hair Building in the 1st. At the Comptoir, everything is a flat rate: 35€ for a look that takes 30 minutes maximum to achieve. Sam chose among the 10 rotating styles on offer (going with “Rubis”) and when she left 20 minutes later she had the achieved the Timo-chic hairstyle of her dreams:


She forgot to turn her back on the cameraman this time.

Bar à Chignons de Christophe Biot

52, rue St-André des Arts

75005 Paris

Tel: 01 43 26 58 21

Didact Hair Building

2, rue du Jour

75001 Paris

Tel: 01 82 28 30 10


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