It is a truth universally acknowledged that any city worth living in has a crazy-ass real estate market. Paris is no exception. Renting is costly, buying is exorbitant and apartments (no matter how crappy) get snapped up in a matter of days: par for the course for any big city. What makes Paris special is the overwhelming amount of bureaucracy that even drives the natives nuts!

Brenna’s first apartment was found via Craigslist, Brenna’s second apartment was her previous landlord’s, her third was found through a friend who put her in contact with the landlord, the fourth she sublet from friends, the fifth was found on Craigslist, the sixth was owned by a colleague, and for her current apartment she finally caved and went through an agency which she found through seloger.com

In total, Sam has lived in six different apartments in Paris. The first four of which were found on Craigslist (notice a theme?) the fifth was found on pap.fr and the most recent one was all thanks to an agency.

We’ve done this.  A lot.

A history lesson…

Real estate law in France is notoriously tenant-friendly. It is almost impossible for a landlord to evict a renter (it is illegal to do so during the winter months).  As a result, landlords screen future tenants intensely to ensure that everything will run smoothly.  See our discussion on the “Dossier”.


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