Finally! Taxi Sharing!


Taxi sharing has finally arrived in Paris! Taxis G7 has launched the Wecab service which allows Parisians to get to the airport with a few more detours for a few less euros.  To use the service, you need to reserve your taxi ahead of time online and specify pick-up address and which airport you want to be dropped at and sign up for a 30 minute pick-up time window.  A few hours before pick-up, you’ll receive an SMS with specifications on the arrival time of the taxi and a description of the car. Expect to make a few friends as the driver will collect new passengers along the way.  

Sam recently tested Wecab on a ride to the airport in the wee hours and ended up paying half of what she normally would have paid making it a perfect compromise between public transit and a classic taxi.  What better way to celebrate this new service than with that French New Wave hit by, you guessed it, Taxi Girl. Cherchez le garçon….or the carpool taxi to the airport.

For more information about taxis in Paris, check out our section on Paris taxis on our website.


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I came to Paris in the fall of 2006 as a study abroad student. Since then, I have had many adventures in babysitting, grad schooling, interning, girlfriending, breaking up, haling taxis and working a 9-to-5. For every day that Paris drives me nuts-- because seriously, this city WILL get on your nerves sometimes-- there are days when I feel overjoyed and privileged to be living in such a beautiful town.

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