Dîner en Blanc de Paris


This year I was among the more than 13,000 people who turned out in Paris for the 27th annual ‘Diner en blanc’. For something that has become a worldwide trend, Paris continues to set the standard as the founding city. Picnickers were told to gather in either the Tuileries Garden or the Palais Royal. The tradition stems from an original event 26 years ago in which picnic organizers asked their guests to dress all in white so they could easily be identified. If you can nab an invite, it’s an unforgettable experience in Paris!


About Author


I came to Paris in 2007. Before Paris I was living and studying in Italy where I met a charming Parisian and quickly took to becoming a cliché and followed him to Paris. I have been living here ever since.I enjoy all that Paris has to offer, especially the unlimited access to the most amazing food, wine and culture...did I mention the wine? Despite the trials and tribulations that come from being an expat in Paris, I still can't believe I have the wonderful fortune to wake up everyday in such an amazing city.

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