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Just like it’s easy to find cheap printers and Britta pitchers, but you pay the price on replacement cartridges and filters, Sodastream’s replacement CO2 cylinders can be the hidden cost to an otherwise cost-efficient and eco-friendly invention (undercutting the cost of carbonated water or other beverages with this at-home fizzy beverage maker). In a recent attempt to replace her Sodastream CO2 cylinder, Brenna found a huge price difference among the available options.

First looking on Amazon.fr where she got her Sodastream, the total cost plus shipping reached 30€. Then looking at Sodastream’s own French website, the total cost came to 43€. The online ordering service was temporarily out of order, and the site suggested you go to one of their “points de vente”, the closest being a Darty. Visiting Darty.com, the price of a Sodastream CO2cylinder was at a remarkable 12.50€ to pick it up at the store. Make the purchase online, and Darty texts you a pick-up code, plus the time when you’ll be able to pick it up (1 hour later). What’s more, they will take back your empty cylinder to recycle (or else you pay 32€ for that same cylinder).

This should not have come as a to a shock to her. Indeed, Darty has long been a favorite retail brand in France. This electronics chain is in every major metropolis and is known in particular for its contrat de confiance, a customer service policy where Darty will pay the difference if you find a product for less money than what you paid. They also provide generous warranties for most products. What’s more, their website has special Internet-only deals and customer reviews on a whole range of products. Plus, their salesforce is known for their snazzy red polos (called the gilets rouges). What could be better? Both Brenna and Sam have consulted Darty.com to comparison shop and read opinions from clients.

And by the way, unlike an earlier post, this post is NOT SPONSORED. We just love Darty that much!

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