As you may have heard, France is known for its red tape. Brenna and Sam have experienced this in spades—you will, too. This section is for all the sujets qui fâchent (stuff that drives you crazy) – stuff like visas, cellphones and, did we mention, visas? We can’t give you all the answers but we can at least give you a good idea of what you should say. Administrative challenges come in all forms, and some come only once (hopefully) in your life…such as How to get married in Paris (visit our page on Parisian love for more on that administrative process). “Forewarned is forearmed”, right? Don’t forget to photocopy everything, a few times. Here’s a pretty picture of Paris to remind you why you’re doing this 🙂

HOT TIP: Move a lot? Mon service public lets you change you address for a number of public services in ONE PLACE (think La Poste, Assurance Maldie, Service d’Impots, etc.)


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